Mountain hunting in Spain


The wildest way of hunting in Spain. Animals living in freedom in vast mountain or accessible areas that will be located days prior to the hunt, to offer you a unique experience while enjoying a breath-taking environment. We adapt the stalk to your preferences and physical shape.


There are many and of great quality the hunting species that you can hunt in Spain. The famous Pyrenean and Cantarctic chamois, roe deer, mountain goats, wild boar, mouflon sheep in some areas, deer, red deer and fallow deer.

With RWHUNTING you will have the experiance of stalking in the most variable hunting areas of South Spain , we have finca's in Ciudad Real, Cordoba, Sotogrande, Albaceta and Portugal.                    Feel free to contact us for inquiries on :


Spot and stalk hunting is easily the most rigorous and demanding form of big game hunting. The method is well suited to open or semi-open spaces, where a hunter can locate his prey at a distance before stalking into effective killing distance without alarming the animal.

 Beyond the unadulterated excitement that comes from stalking big-game, the spot-and-stalk method gives you a number of tactical                     advantages over the less disciplined approach of just wandering around with a gun in hopes of kicking something up.


Eyes First, Feet Second For starters, spot-and-stalk hunting lets you cover ground with your eyes instead of your feet, sometimes more ground in a glance than you’d be able to cover in a lifetime of tree-stand hunting in thick timber. By perching yourself on prominent lookout points, you can cover all manner of habitat types and travel corridors without having to commit to a particular location until after you’ve found your quarry.


Another benefit of spot and stalk hunting is that it gives you a chance to accurately judge animals from a distance before you’re absolutely obligated to make that decision about whether or not you want to shoot. When most hunters hear the term field judging, they immediately think of trophy hunters trying to gauge the record-book quality of a particular animal before they kill it. But trophy status is hardly the only piece of information that comes from field judging.



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