For hunting in South Africa we will go to one of the most beautiful hunting area´s that is called Limpopo with the outfitters whom we have been working closely for more than 14 years, and we guide you to setup your dream hunt with all the animals that you require.


The languages of our guides are in Swedish, English, German and Dutch .


Hunting Limpopo in South Africa



The Limpopo province is named after the Limpopo River, which forms the border with Botswana and Zimbabwe. The province offers great scenic landscapes and diversity – including the Waterberg Biosphere Mountains, the Baobab trees of the world renowned Mapungubwe archaeological site and the infamous Crooks Corner, an area frequented by well-known hunters in the past.

The province can be divided into two areas, the dry Bushveld of the western region and the Lowveld in the east, which adjoins the iconic Kruger National Park. Together, these two areas represent approximately 80% of South Africa’s game hunting industry. The best time of year to hunt in this desirable destination is from May to October by both bow and rifle hunters alike. The Lowveld region is dominated by Mopane trees where some of the best “Big 5” free-range traditional hunting can be found within the massive privately and community owned reserves that share open boundaries with National and Provincial Parks in the province. Hippo, Crocodile and Spotted Hyena are some of the other special game in the region.

The majority of hunters visiting South Africa will at some time hunt in the Bushveld region with its massive concentration (80%) of the country’s game ranches. created by miles of high fenced territories and numerous game breeding projects. Years of sustained game ranching efforts have helped create South Africa’s conservation success story. Managed wildlife populations have improved genetics, trophy quality and an increased game populations. Owners of a high-fenced property are entitled to an exemption permit. The benefit of this permit allows the owner to lay full claim to the animals on the land and allows visiting hunters exemption from complying with numerous laws, conditions and permits required to hunt on an unfenced property.

Buffalo, Kudu, Sable, Waterbuck, Zebra, Limpopo Bushbuck and other general game are the sought after trophies for the region. Rarer species such as Roan Antelope, Tsessebe and Brown Hyenas can be found on many price lists.

Many outfitters offer the lesser known nocturnal species, like Honey Badgers, Serval, Caracal and Civet Cats. Huge Warthogs are also shot in the province and if pig hunting is you’re calling in life, numerous outfitters offer cull Warthog hunts. Threatened or Protected Species (TOPS) and CITES permits are required for some species even with an exemption permit.